Frequently Asked Questions

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Q – Are there pricing discounts when purchasing larger volumes of data?

A – Yes! For example we price the College Coaches contacts as follows 1-999, 1000-1999, 2000-4999 & 5000 & up. There is also special pricing for those customers who want to purchase an entire database.

Q – How often is the information contained in the databases updated?

A РWe constantly update our information on a daily basis! We will also continue to expand and add new information as it becomes available to our database. Annual contracts to receive updates on a monthly and quarterly basis are available at an additional cost to the initial data purchase.

Q- In what digital format are the database sent after purchase?

A – We use MS Excel format.

Q – Will my name and contact information be sold or shared with other companies?

A – NO! SDG will not sell or share the names of our clients or any other pertinent personal information.

Q – Can I resell the database information that I purchase?

A – NO! Our databases are copywritten and cannot be resold. However, the data can be duplicated and used by the same company as indicated by the purchaser. We utilize embedded code for each of our databases that can be used for identifying the original buyer.

Q – Can I purchase customized lists according to the criteria I request for different sports and states located in the US?

A – YES. Just tell us what you need and we can sort our databases by sport, state, zip code and many other criteria.